Best Gucci Perfumes For Women 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

Gucci brand has been known not only for its clothes and handbags, but there are a lot of great fragrances created for men and women.

As for now, the Gucci has been manufactured over 80 perfumes for women and all of them are on the high demand.

If you want to find out the main notes that Gucci is using with their perfumes and also see what are the best Gucci perfumes for women in 2020 then this article is the best way to find this information out.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Gucci Women Perfumes

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the perfumes that most people buy).

Top 5 Best Gucci Perfumes For Women 2020 – Our Reviews:

1. Gucci Premiere – Top Pick

This Gucci perfume is one of the best fragrances from this brand.

Inspired by the relentless glow of Hollywood and featured by contemporary icon Blake Lively, Gucci’s new fragrance is like an invitation for everyone to step on their red carpet.

Gucci Première glorifies the star within each one.

Whether a woman attends a serious business meeting or a movie premiere, all her moments are golden.

The women who enjoy her accomplishments and authority.

For such a success, a woman needed something correspondingly exceptional.

Gucci Première – feminine, intriguing and seductive as a cool fashion dress.

The aroma opens with luxurious and vibrant chords of aged champagne.

The bursting of the bergamot bouncing with the feminine and festive orange blossoms conveys that thrill of stepping on the red carpet.

In the heart of the fragrance, white flowers bloom comfortably on a magnetic musk mat.

The perfect balance of power and sensuality.

The warmth of the aroma captivates with the delicate blend of leather and creamy wood, which turns base notes into a perfect charm.

Top notes: bergamot, orange blossom

Middle notes: white flowers, musk

Main notes: wood, leather

  • Could be a perfect gift for a girlfriend, mother or a friend
  • Suitable for a night out or a romantic dinner
  • Long-lasting perfume
  • Most popular Gucci perfumes for women
  • The sprayer quality could be better according to some comments

2. Gucci Guilty

Another one great Gucci fragrance for women.

Gucci Guilty Eau is the new fragrance from the Gucci Guilty fragrance series.

It is an ultra-light, playful version of fragrance with fresh floral and fruity notes.

Gucci Guilty Eau fragrance for a charming, sensual and energetic woman.

She’s a captivating 21st-century beauty.

This is how Frida Giannini, Gucci’s fashion house creative director, describes it:

“Our muse is fashionable, sensual, yet dangerously seductive. She always goes ahead and men can’t resist her. ”

Top notes: ocean notes, lychees

Middle notes: lilies, wild strawberries

Main notes: musk

  • Very fresh and floral perfume for women
  • Suitable for any age: younger or mature
  • Very nice summer scent
  • Might fade away after a few hours, because the notes are lightweight

3. Gucci Flora by Gucci

This perfume was inspired by a Flora pattern in the Gucci fashion house.

The first headscarf printed on this pattern was designed specifically for Princess Grace of Monaco in 1966 and quickly became one of the most popular symbols of the GUCCI.

Gucci Flora by Gucci is for the lustful young women.

Its fragrance is infinitely feminine, evoking strong lust and full of contrasts.

The aroma composition is based on the smell of roses (a rare flower of delicate flowers of Chinese origin).

The refreshing citrus and peony scent gives it a lustful youthfulness, and finally, the strong smell of sandalwood and patchouli is the hallmark of GUCCI perfume.

Top notes: citrus, tangerine, peony

Middle notes: rose and scented flowers

Main notes: red pepper, sandalwood

  • One of the best Gucci floral perfumes
  • Most suitable for a youthful woman
  • A perfect fragrance for summer
  • Might be too sweet for a mature woman
  • Because of the lightweight floral notes, it doesn’t last longer than 6 hours

4. Gucci Rush 

The easy-to-recognize fragrance of Gucci Rush Perfume for women is stunning.

It attracts everyone like love at first sight – powerfully and physically.

Rush is the name of stimulant drugs that were popular in America in the 1980s.

The bright red Gucci Rush perfume for women has a very unusual bottle design that resembles a videotape.

The aroma is composed of a rich scent of exotic flowers.

At first, the scent of gardenia and freesia is enveloped, followed by the scent of jasmine, turquoise roses and coriander, finally vanilla, patchouli and scented gold anemone wrap all the scents.

Top notes: gardenia, freesia

Middle notes: jasmine, rose, coriander

Main notes: vanilla, patchouli, golden scented

  • A perfect perfume for everyday wear
  • Adds self-confidence
  • Long-lasting fragrance
  • The main notes might be too heavy for younger women

5. Gucci By Gucci

Incorporating legendary heritage and timeless charm, the fragrance of Gucci By Gucci perfume for women conveys the femininity of today.

The decoration of the vial is characterized by its charming antiquity (chocolate color, golden letters, and geese) and its aroma is rich and expressive.

Gucci By Gucci perfume for her designed to mark the 85th anniversary of the GUCCI fashion house.

The expressive fragrance of flowers, fruits, and chypre is intended to express a strong but lustful woman of these days, driven by a desire to achieve what she wants and to be charmed by feminine charm.

At first, the smell of guava, raspberry, pear, and chamomile spreads.

This is followed by the aroma of lily of the valley, hawthorn gardenia and bitter lemon oil.

Finally, we feel patchouli, honey, and musk.

Top notes: guava, pears

Middle notes: Haitian gardenia

Main notes: musk, patchouli, honey

  • Suitable for classic and mature women
  • Long-lasting and suitable to wear in the evening
  • Might be too strong and classic for younger women
  • The top and the main notes are too heavy for the summer

Final Thoughts

There are so many great Gucci perfumes for women.

Each of the perfume might be suitable for a different type of persona, but you can easily find the right one for you.

There are some great floral perfumes, also you can get the classic and strong evening fragrances.

Each of the Gucci perfumes for her describes the personality of its owner and releases true and feminine women.