Best Lavender Colognes for Men 2020: Review & Top Picks

Lavender has found itself to be one of the most widely used scents in the perfume industry, and it is an important ingredient in the making of both male and female perfumes.

This is because lavender not only has a very good fragrance, it also possesses a smooth and calming property that shows you off in a very sophisticated light. 

It is always perfect when you crown your looks with a great scent as an accompaniment to your gorgeousness.

This involves the careful choice of an elegant perfume that will set you apart as a man with refined taste.

It is most often than not, a burden to choose perfumes as they are a lot of very good options available in the market.

If you have narrowed your choices to lavender and you are wondering which lavender perfume would be most suitable for you, look no further than these best lavender colognes for men I am going to reveal to you.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Lavender Colognes for Men

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the perfumes that most people buy).

Top 5 Best Lavender Colognes for Men – Our Reviews 2020:

These are the best selections of lavender perfumes for men:

1. Prada Luna Rossa

Prada Luna Rossa is the first on my list of best lavender colognes for men, and the chief fragrance in this perfume is of course lavender.

With the first spritz of this product, you get a citrus scent hitting your olfactory sense and it soon fades away and gets replaced with the lavender scent which remains and gets warmer.

The top notes of Prada luna rosa are lavender and orange.

The heart notes are made of clary sage and spearmint and the base notes are made of ambrosian and Amber.

This combination and scents make it perfect for use during spring as lavender has an uplifting scent which is a perfect fit for the spirit of spring.

The fragrance is easy to wear and is versatile, serving its purpose on any occasion.

You can also wear it during other seasons nonetheless.


  • Versatile product and can be used for various occasions
  • Has a long-lasting scent
  • Great price


  • Reduced effect during the cold months

2. Salvatore Ferragamo F Black

The Salvatore Ferragamo F black has a very appealing masculine scent, strong with lavender.

Once opened, the first note that hits you is the lavender which later comes with a mix of spices and sweetness.

This combination gives an overall warm feeling and seductiveness.

The top note of Salvatore is lavender, the heart notes are black pepper and coriander and the base notes are labdanum and Tonka.

The use of this warm smelling fragrance is perfect during winter and fall and at any night all year long.

Its seductive scent works very well in clubs and the cold months, you can wear this fragrance even casually without a problem.

For a classy scent at a great price, go for Salvatore Ferragamo.


  • High quality at a great price
  • Fresh and clean scent


  • The scent doesn’t last for long

3. Hugo Boss Bottled Night

The Hugo boss is one of the best lavender colognes for men.

It starts with a very clean and classy scent.

Its top fragrance is a green and spicy scent that dries down to a floral fragrance.

The base fragrance is woody and fills your senses in a very appealing manner.

The floral heart notes are a combination of both lavender and violet.

The top notes of this perfume are made of lavender and birch leaves.

The heart notes are of cardamom scent, African violet scent, and jasmine scent.

The base notes are made of Lauro Amarelo, musk, sandalwood.

These scents form a great fragrance that you can casually wear all year long irrespective of the season.

This is so because the floral scents of this fragrance make it best for the warmer months, and the woody combination makes it a perfect fit for the colder months.

In all, this is a very versatile scent that is easy to wear and keeps you feeling confident all year long.


  • Great manly scent
  • Perfect for all occasions and seasons


  • The scent is short-lived

4. Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche

Yves Saint Laurent is a lavender cologne that gives you a mature masculine scent.

The perfume opens with a burst of freshness which gets accompanied by a nice floral scent.

You notice the lavender here but also with a hint of geranium.

The top notes that make up this product are bergamot, star anise, and rosemary.

The heart notes are lavender, geranium leaves and clove and the base notes are of vetiver, guaiac, and patchouli.

This combination gives Yves Saint Laurent rive gauche a very professional thing to it.

The main scent is the freshness of flowers, but the general vibe it exudes is that of maturity and, masculinity.

It works best on older men.


  • Elegant scent
  • Top notes made of lavender and geranium
  • With heart notes of vetiver and patchouli
  • With base notes of guaiac wood
  • Perfect for use on all occasions


  • Has a bit of a sterile smell for some

5. Caron Pour Un Homme

Rounding it up on best lavender colognes for men is the pour un Homme de caron.

Launched in 1934, it has not failed to provide men with an elegant scent that leaves them unique and tasteful.

Opening with the scent of lavender and a note of cherry blossom after, you will appreciate it as you make use of this scent for your romantic dates and nights out.

The top notes of caron pour un Homme are scents of lavender, rosemary, bergamot, and lemon.

The heart notes are sage, rose, rosewood and cedarwood.

The base notes are vanilla, Tonka, musk, and moss.

These scents leave you smelling in a sexy masculine way.

Its fragrance is refreshing and it works better when the weather is warm.

The vanilla at as base notes makes this perfume perfect for cool nights too.


  • Great subtle scent
  • Good price


  • Not for you if you love strong scents


If you have always loved the scent of lavender but have always been confused about the lavender product that will best suit your class and style, or age you do not have to worry anymore.

I have carefully chosen the top lavender colognes for you and have listed the notes and scents you can expect from each of those products.

Be rest assured that you will find something that will be perfect for you here no matter your preferences.