Best Musky Perfumes for Women 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

Musk fragrances are among some of the most popular perfume profiles for women all over the world.

There’s a certain warm, earthy aroma that accompanies a musky scent that’s just too incredible to resist.

Its animalistic and alluring quality also makes it the perfect fragrance choice for winter and autumn.

There are several musky perfumes from different brands on the market.

From low budget to the more exotic name brands, you’ll find a musky perfume that suits your taste and pocket.

Unfortunately, not every perfume brand can do an excellent job on the scent profile which is why this list has been drawn to save you the stress of looking for a quality musky perfume on your own.

Here are the 5 best musky perfumes for women that are sure to be great additions to your scent arsenal.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Musky Perfumes for Women

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the perfumes that most people buy).

Top 5 Best Musky Perfumes for Women 2020 – Our Reviews:

1. Michael Kors For Women

Released in 2000, Michael Kors for Women combines the powerful scent of cashmere, musk, and vetiver to create a formidable perfume pyramid.

The woody floral musk was designed by Alain Alchenberger and Laurent Le Guernec, and it opens with top notes of tamarind, incense, freesia, and Chinese osmanthus before slipping to intense heart notes of arum lily, peony, orris root, tuberose, and iris.

After a while, you should smell base notes of vetiver, cashmere woody, and musk.

Its main accords are floral, tuberose, white floral, woody, and musky.

As you would expect from a parfum fragrance, Michael Kors For Women is long-lasting and should produce between 8 to 10 hours on one spray.

It also features a heavy sillage that draws people’s attention to you as you walk past.

It’s versatile and can be worn during summer and winter, and its sillage and intensity both mean you shouldn’t overspray this perfume.

Wear it to a date or to work, this Michael Kors perfume works perfectly on all occasions.

2. Jovan Black Musk

Sometimes, you don’t have to empty your pockets to buy a quality musky perfume, and one such budget-friendly fragrance is Jovan Black Musk Perfume.

Its musky floral flavor is everything you need to smell great as you step out to a party in the evening or to work during the day.

It opens with top notes of nectarine, orange, and pomegranate before peeling off to delicious heart notes of iris, jasmine, and freesia.

After a while, it settles to base notes of precious wood, musk, patchouli, and crème brûlée.

With musky and floral main accords, Jovan Black Musk is a sexy and warm perfume that adds a touch of class to your outfit.

Its ultra-feminine scent exudes a unique warmth that makes it a perfect choice for winter and autumn.

If features moderate longevity and sillage, producing about 4 to 6 hours of active performance.

Jovan Black Musk not overly impressive, but for the price it goes for, it’s an absolute steal!

3. Elizabeth Taylor Gardenia

Gardenia is another musky floral fragrance that was released by Elizabeth Taylor in 2003.

Recognized as one of the women who revolutionalized Hollywood with her style, class, and charisma, Elizabeth Taylor brought all of those qualities to Gardenia and much more.

It begins with top notes of green leaves and lily of the valley while its heart notes consist of orchid, peony, and gardenia.

After a while, you should smell base notes of carnation and musk.

Its main accords are white floral, floral, green, musky, fresh, and animalic.

Fresh, sweet, and clean, Gardenia is a top-quality perfume that features moderate longevity between 6 to 4 hours.

Its sillage is equally moderate delivering a good dose of sweet-smelling goodness wherever you go.

Elizabeth Taylor Gardenia is predominantly a summer perfume but can also be worn in winter.

Whether you’re going for a casual or official event, this gardenia fragrance for women is the perfect scent to accentuate your style.

4. Purr by Katy Perry

With a name like Katty Perry appearing at the front of a perfume, you can’t help but suspect it would be nothing short of top quality.

Launched as a perfume that describes Katty Perry’s style and personality, Purr begins with top notes of green bamboo, gardenia, forbidden apple, and peach.

Its heart notes consist of pink freesia and jasmine while its base notes are a sexy combination of musk, coconut, white amber, creamy sandalwood, and vanilla orchid.

Its longevity is impressive and should last you between 8 to 10 hours of active performance while its sillage is moderate to keep the scent from being too overwhelming.

This Katy Perry perfume is perfect on those days when you need to turn on your ultra-feminine persona and show off your class.

While it can be worn in winter and summer, Purr’s profile suits warmer days.

5. Rihanna Nude

The last musky perfume on this list is another fragrance from a celebrity and this time, it is pop singer Rihanna.

The Barbados star brings her alluring persona to this perfume with one of the sweetest aromas you will ever smell.

It opens with top notes of pear, mandarin orange, and guava before peeling off to heart notes of gardenia flowers, jasmine, and orange blossom.

After a while, you should smell base notes of sandalwood, orchid, and musk.

Its main accords are fruity, white floral, sweet, floral, powdery, and woody.

With a few sprays, Rihanna Nude should last all day long while its heavy sillage means you’re going to get a lot of compliments throughout the day.

If you’re not a big fan of overly sweet scents though, this might not be the perfume for you, but if you have no problem with wearing your femininity, you should enjoy spraying this Rihanna perfume to work, school, or anywhere else.

Lastly, Rihanna Nude is predominantly a summer perfume but can also work fine in spring.


From expensive parfum choices to cheaper fragrances, this list has everything.

Whether you want a summer perfume, a winter perfume, or simply a scent that works for all seasons, there’s an option on this list that perfectly suits your need.

Looking for your next signature perfume?

Thinking of buying your partner a musky fragrance as a surprise gift?

Any of the 5 best musky perfumes for women listed above should work just fine.