Best Polo Colognes For Men 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

Ralph Lauren’s Polo cologne line has been the go-to cologne for men since the introduction of the first Polo fragrance, Polo, back in 1978.

Packed in a racing green bottle, it quickly won over the hearts of men worldwide with its fresh and intoxicating scent. As a race, I doubt we’d ever forget the cologne’s iconic deep pinewood notes.

Fast forward to the present, the Ralph Lauren Polo cologne line has grown by leaps and bounds and has more editions than any other colognes for men.  Now, when choosing a cologne for men, best consider a Ralph Lauren scent.

So, the question arises—how has the Polo line successfully navigated through the trials of time?

Well, the answer is pretty simple. It is because it has a clean, classic, and timeless appeal to it.

The Ralph Lauren Polo line’s staying power is something to behold and its scent has always managed to command the attention of anyone in its vicinity.

Previously, the Polo fragrance line was advertised as the gateway to feeling rich, noble, and extravagant. However, the newer editions have undergone fresh changes with the incorporation of spicier and woodier notes, making the Polo colognes more contemporary and fashionable.

The newer Polo colognes have managed to add a certain layer of boldness and excitement without compromising the elegance and class of the previous line-up of colognes for men.

Today, I have taken up the challenge of presenting you with some of the best-selling Polo colognes men love. Have a look and let me know if you agree with my inclusions of Ralph Lauren perfumes.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Polo Colognes for Men

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are Polo colognes that most people buy).

Top 6 Best Polo Colognes For Men 2020 – Our Reviews:

1. Ralph Lauren Polo Red

The Ralph Lauren Polo Red is marketed as a perfume for adventurous men who aspire to take over the world by storm.  This cologne also works well for casual gatherings as it has a rather carefree vibe to it.

Upon application, your nose will be spellbound by the fantastic top notes of cranberry, Italian lemon, and red grapefruit. Then, as the scent enters mid-phase, it releases intoxicating heart notes of red sage, lavender, and red saffron.

During the final stage, the base notes of coffee, redwood, and hot amber take over and leave you with a comforting, exotic, fresh, woodsy masculine scent.

However, what I like about the scent the most is its subtle fragrance. It isn’t over the top or loud in any way; therefore, it is the best option for men who prefer going about their businesses quietly.

Formulated by the expert nose of master perfumer, Olivier Gillotin, the Ralph Lauren Polo Red is available for purchase in a variety of sizes including 45 ml, 75 ml, and 125 ml. This cologne is primarily categorized as an eau de toilette fragrance.


  • One of the best sweet, warm, and spicy colognes around
  • Soft sillage gives it an opulent aura
  • In terms of versatility, the Polo Red is the best cologne for a man


  • Doesn’t have the best lasting performance
  • This Ralph Lauren fragrance can be too sweet for some men
  • Some may even find the scent too generic for their liking

2. Ralph Lauren Polo Red Intense

As its name suggests, the Ralph Lauren Polo Red Intense is deeper, darker, and more intense than its counterparts.

Introduced to the market in 2015, the Ralph Lauren Polo Red Intense is categorized primarily as a woody and spicy fragrance on account of its heart notes of ginger, coffee, sage, and lavender, and base notes of cedar, amber, and deep leather.

However, it does not start off all spicy and woodsy. Surprisingly, it has a pretty fruity and citrusy opening with top notes of red grapefruit, lemon, saffron, and cranberry.

Fortunately, this aggressive cologne doesn’t fall short on its lasting performance. Apply this once and you can almost go an entire day without requiring a reapplication.

Boasting a rather obscure aroma profile, this cologne is a must-have for men who want to make a statement everywhere they go.

The Ralph Lauren Polo Red Intense is best suited for wear on a romantic evening date.

All in all, this Polo cologne definitely lives up to its billing and is thus, worth the investment.


  • Ideal Ralph Lauren cologne for spring or fall
  • Fantastic value for money
  • One of the best  Ralph Lauren evening scents for men


  • Not a good choice for everyday wear
  • Some may find the scent overwhelming
  • Doesn’t perform well in the heat

3. Ralph Lauren Polo Blue For Men

It would be a grave injustice if I were to exclude the Ralph Lauren Polo Blue on this list.

Introduced to the world in 2003, the Ralph Lauren Polo Blue is the masterful creation of two renowned perfumers, Carlos Benaim and Christophe Laudamiel.

Let’s discuss a bit more about the scent.

Well, right off the bat, it opens up with strong head notes of mandarin orange, cucumber, and melon. Then, the heart notes of basil, sage, and geranium follow suit.

Before the night is over, the base notes of musk, woods, and suede linger around, providing a smooth dry-down experience.

Versatile enough to be worn at all hours of the day, the Ralph Lauren Polo Blue cologne for men will remind you of the vastness of the open fields, skies, and oceans. The scent has a cool and easygoing vibe to it, making it a good choice for any occasion.

For best results, wear the Polo Blue during the hot summers.

Unfortunately, this light, airy Ralph Lauren fragrance does not fare well in the performance department. You’d have to keep reapplying it a few times during the day to sustain its desired effect.

It doesn’t have a noteworthy sillage range either.


  • Fresh, seductive, sexy scent without being too overwhelming
  • Versatile enough to be worn for any setting
  • One of the best summer Ralph Lauren colognes around


  • Average sillage range and lasting performance
  • Not ideal for use during the winters

4. Ralph Lauren Polo Sport

The  Polo Sports, as you may have guessed already, is for the active man.

This cologne performs exceptionally well in large gatherings and crowds. So, you can wear it to your office, family gatherings, or outings with your loved ones.

The Polo Sports first made its entry to the market in 1994 and was marketed as a fresh, warm, and sporty cologne. Thankfully, the perfume doesn’t fall victim to false advertising.

A couple of spritzes of this perfume and your nose will immediately detect top notes of lemon, bergamot, neroli, lavender, artemisia, mint, and aldehydes. As the clock ticks away, the middle notes of rose, cyclamen, sea grass, jasmine, geranium, ginger, and Brazilian rosewood slowly join the party.

Before the scent bids you goodbye, it leaves you with base notes of amber, musk, guaiac wood, cedar, and sandalwood.

Available for purchase in a couple of different sizes, 75 ml and 125 ml, the master perfumer, Harry Fremont, is credited as the creator of the Polo Sports.

All in all, Polo Sports does well to uphold the reputation of the Ralph Lauren brand.


  • Ideal choice for sporty men
  • Has a universally pleasing scent
  • Versatile cologne for men


  • Not good enough sillage range
  • The reformulated scent is quite unpopular for its weak projection

5. Ralph Lauren Polo Black

Made under the watchful eyes and sharp nose of the globally recognized perfumer, Pierre Negrin, the Polo Black first made its appearance back in 2005.

Initially, you get a strong burst of fruity opening with notes of lemon, tangerine, and mango. For the heart notes, get accustomed to smelling hints of sage and patchouli.

The top notes and the middle notes usually last for around 3-4 hours.

The base notes of tonka bean and sandalwood then give the scent a spicier and woodsier dimension. You could say that the Polo Black cologne for men has a predominantly woodsy scent.

Versatile enough to be worn all year round on any occasion, the Polo Black is truly worth its weight in gold.

Although its sillage range is nothing to boast about, the longevity of this perfume is pretty noteworthy. The Polo Black fragrance can last you a good six hours.

Since this Pierre Negrin cologne has an easygoing vibe to it, you can use it as a casual day or night wear. It should also interest you to know that the Polo Black is suitable for all types of weather bar hot and humid days.


  • Inoffensive and alluring  Ralph Lauren scent
  • Value for money
  • Versatile enough to be worn all year round


  • Moderate sillage range
  • Some may not prefer the standout note of mango
  • Below average projection

6. Ralph Lauren Polo Eau De Toilette

Finally, let’s talk about the legendary Polo by Ralph Lauren that kick-started the polo cologne line.

Arguably, the best fragrance in the Polo line, the Ralph Lauren Polo Eau De Toilette is an extremely versatile cologne. However, it excels the most when worn for social events and special occasions.

The Ralph Lauren Polo is dominated by notes of cowhide, wood, basil, tobacco, and oak greenery. So, in essence, you are provided with a wonderful blend of oriental and woodsy notes, making this cologne one of the manliest aromas around.

This Ralph Lauren cologne opens up with grassy notes of basil, thyme, and artemisia and spicy notes of cumin, cloves, and coriander. Then, as the top notes begin to fade away, a strong burst of heart notes consisting of patchouli, oakmoss, vetiver, and conifer woods begin to take charge.

Lastly, before the polo cologne scent dissipates, the base notes of tobacco, thyme, and leather manage to leave you with a lasting impression.


  • Comprises of numerous masculine notes, making it a fantastic cologne for men
  • Excellent sillage range and projection
  • Great lasting performance
  • Classic scent


  • Some may find this particular Ralph Lauren scent outdated

How to Choose the Best Polo Cologne for Men?

Consider the types of cologne

In most cases, you’ll find the cologne shelf in department stores dominated by three different types of cologne. You need to know about them to choose the best cologne for men.

These three types of colognes are Eau De Cologne, Eau De Toilette Spray, and Eau De Parfum.

Eau De Cologne

Perfumes used to be referred to as colognes in the yesteryears. In modern times, people generally associate cologne as a man’s perfume.

An Eau De Cologne comprises only around 3% perfume oils and therefore, has the weakest performance out of the lot.

Eau De Toilette

An Eau De Toilette is a mixture that contains a concentration of 5 to 15% perfume oil, alcohol, and water. Significantly stronger than an Eau De Cologne, the Eau De Toilette possesses all the primary features of a fragrance.

Eau De Parfum

Formulated with a blend of water, alcohol, and 15-20% perfume oil, an Eau De Parfum takes the cake when it comes to quality and performance. Understandably, they cost a lot higher than Eau De Colognes and Eau De Toilette.

Test first, buy later

A cologne can smell differently on different individuals. So, what works for others may not necessarily work for you.

That’s why it is in your best interest to test a cologne first before making a purchase.

Thankfully, you will find most of the Polo perfumes in department stores. Since they are quite accessible, you should have no problems trying them out first.


Many men wear colognes to express their personality beyond their appearance. A good scent can turn the odds in your favor and change other people’s perception of you, and since smell is our strongest sense, it is only natural for us to want to smell good at all times.

Ralph Lauren colognes are fantastic at helping men stand out.

They are priced rather affordably, have excellent sillage range, projection, and outstanding lasting performance. Most of their scents are also universally loved by the people.

Therefore, purchasing a Ralph Lauren cologne for men is a safe investment.

Listed above are some of the best-selling polo colognes for men. Look at them individually and choose one that suits your personality and the occasion you intend to wear it for.