Best Ralph Lauren Perfumes 2020 – Review & Top Picks

Ralph Lauren is a popular name in the fashion world. Founded in 1967 and has gradually climbed the ladder of success since then, the American fashion brand now boasts numerous products with a clientele of some of the most successful people on earth. 

Among Ralph Lauren’s successful endeavors is a fragrance brand that has blossomed since it was first introduced on the market. Ralph Lauren colognes are among the best and they have great options for men and women. 

In case you’re wondering what their best products are, below is a list of best Ralph Lauren perfumes out there be it under the Polo line or its own name. 

Top 6 Best Ralph Lauren Perfumes 2020 – Our Reviews:

1. Ralph Lauren Romance

Considered one of the best works of ace perfumer Harry Fremont, Ralph Lauren Romance features a soothing floral fragrance with a spicy profile. The cologne is called Romance because its seductive aroma serenades the atmosphere and adds color and beauty no matter the time of day. 

This cologne begins with top notes of chamomile, lemon, freesia, and rose while the heart notes include lilies, carnations, white violet petals, and lotus. All that smooth and flowery goodness is energized with base notes of exotic woods, patchouli, oakmoss, and white musk. 

Ralph Lauren Romance is a classy and urban perfume with good sillage, longevity, and versatility. It smells best during the summer and is a favorite perfume choice of several successful women, including Hollywood celebrities.

2. Polo by Ralph Lauren for Men

Created in 1978 by Carlos Benaim, Polo Green is the foremost cologne released under the Polo brand and is the standard upon which several other Ralph Lauren colognes were created. Its vintage and modish vibe is the reason why it has survived the past three decades without losing its place to other high-grade perfumes created over the years. 

Polo Green opens with top notes of coriander, cloves, cumin, thyme, basil, and artemisia. The heart note includes vetiver, patchouli, and oakmoss while the base notes are thyme and tobacco. 

Widely regarded as the most iconic Ralph Lauren colognes of all time, Polo Green also presents good sillage, decent longevity, and versatility that further make it an overall great perfume choice.

3. Ralph By Ralph Lauren

Introduced in 2000 with Alain Alchenberger’s expertise behind the scene, Ralph by Ralph Lauren is a clean, floral fragrance with a light, fun smell that should brighten up your day and please the nose of every perfume aficionado.

It opens with fruity top notes of mandarin, Japanese osmanthus, and apple tree leaves before smoothing to heart notes of yellow freesia, boronia, and magnolia. After a few minutes, it settles to base notes of white iris and musk. 

Ralph’s fruity-floral scent makes it a perfect fit for those hot summer days when you need to freshen the air around you. Like most good female colognes, it presents a good projection and equally decent longevity, making it a nice, versatile scent to wear during the day to any occasion or at night to a party or dinner date. 

4. Safari By Ralph Lauren Eau De Parfum

Another floral fragrance from the stables of the House of Ralph, Safari embodies the American lifestylefreedom to dream, dare, and achieveand the joys of an adventurous life. It was created by Dominique Ropion in 1990 and has since then evoked romantic sceneries serenaded by the fresh smell of love and fear-free life. 

Freedom and spirit of adventure are reflected in its top notes of orange flowers, bourgeons de cassis, Italian jasmine, and blackcurrant before subtly advancing to the fresh, liberating smell of a heart note which consists of orris blend, sandalwood, cedarwood, and rose. Moments later, it settles to a strong combination of soft leather and vetiver base notes.  

Safari by Ralph Lauren is a great cologne that suits young, ambitious, and adventurous women. The fragrance is versatile to work well with your office and casual outfits and its impressive projection should give you a big entrance whenever you walk into a room.

5. Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren

Polo Blue is considered to be one of the best Ralph Lauren perfumes for men and there’s hardly any reason to argue otherwise. When you imagine the scent of Polo Blue, think open skies and rolling fields.

Polo Blue’s airy aquatic smell gives you a fresh, cool, out from the shower vibe that is simply too hard to resist. Blue presents top notes of cucumber, Mandarin orange, and melon before moving to middle notes of geranium, sage, and basil and finally settling to woody base notes of suede and musk. 

Polo Blue is a warm-weather perfume that offers decent sillage, good versatility, and impressive longevity. It is best worn during the day and goes well with casual wear for casual occasions and events.

6. Tender Romance By Ralph Lauren

Concocted by Honorine Blanc and released in 2016, Tender Romance is an oriental-floral perfume characterized by a lively urban flavor that is simply too good to resist. This cologne draws inspiration from the promises and possibilities that stem from the hope of new or renewed affections. 

Tender Romance opens with top notes of pear, bergamot, and ginger before moving to middle notes of jasmine, white magnolia, and white ginger lily. It finally settles to base notes of musk, benzoin, and cashmere wood. 

The cologne’s delicious smell is ideal for women who are looking to turn heads and win hearts as they step into the room. It also presents good sillage, decent longevity, and versatility, making it perfect for those days and nights when you need to make a good impression at work or in some fancy restaurant on a dinner date.


Ralph Lauren is home to some of the best and most exotic colognes on the market and a favorite brand of many celebrities and other important personalities. Having consistently produced top-selling perfumes over several decades, there are so many options to choose from and it is just hard to go wrong with Ralph Lauren. 

That said, the above perfumes are some of the best in the house of Ralph Lauren’s catalog that is definitely worth checking out for someone looking for their next favorite scent.