Bottega Veneta Perfume Review: Worth the Price Tag?

Many tend to overlook the importance of smelling good. 

If you don’t belong to that category of people, you are playing your cards right. 

However, if you do, you have no idea what you are missing out on. 

Your smell can play a major role in influencing how other people see and regard you.

Now, regardless of what marketing gimmicks try to convey, only you are capable of choosing a perfume suited for you. 

After all, you’re the one who’ll be wearing it and checking how it’ll react on your skin. 

Today, I will be inspecting Bottega Veneta, one of the most popular perfumes on the market. 

Read on and see if it fulfills your scent requirements.  

Bottega Veneta – All You Need to Know:

What is Bottega Veneta?

Created by the Italian luxury goods and high fashion brand, Bottega Veneta, this perfume is the fashion house’s first fragrance collaboration with Coty Prestige

Launched in 2011, the perfume has been able to garner loyal legions of fans worldwide owing to its emphatic ladylike scent. 

The perfumer, Michel Almairac, has expertly melded violet and leather notes into an intricate accord that evokes the feeling of warm silk on the skin. 

Only one spritz of this perfume is enough for people to notice you. 

The impeccable blend of patchouli and jasmine gives off a creamy, supple, and quietly suggestive vibe. 

Bottega Veneta also seems to go well with any outfit and fit any occasion. 

What does it smell like? 

The Bottega Veneta perfume comprises top notes of pink peppercorn, bergamot, and lily of the valley. 

Its heart notes are of jasmine, leather, and patchouli while the base is oakmoss. 

As you can tell, the perfume is composed of run-of-the-mill notes. 

However, they have been blended exquisitely to produce a breath-taking “leathery floral chypre.”

Upon application, a whiff of pale citrus gives way to floral apricot and smooth suede. 

You can also smell a hint of ocean air adding an edge to the suede, as well as apricots, and sweet-tart cold plums. 

The perfume’s sweetened glove leather is also lightened by tingling jasmine. 

Thankfully, it doesn’t come close to overpowering the smell; it merely accentuates the scent in a pleasant manner. 

The fruity hint shouldn’t deter the perfume connoisseurs from labeling Bottega Veneta a leather fragrance.

As time passes, the perfume manages to retain its presence and warmth with help from its benzoin and patchouli notes. 

Bottega Veneta is extremely easy to wear and it feels full and round without screaming at you. 

The sillage is moderate at best but the lasting power is up there with the best. 

Let’s talk about its packaging

Bottega Veneta is available for purchase in 30, 50, and 75 ml bottles. 

A broad range of matching body products such as body lotion, shower gel, and body cream is also available. 

Constructed of Murano glass, the bottle was designed by Tomas Maier and features soft, rounded curves and powerful edges. 

While the outer layer is as smooth as silk, the bottom features intrecciato texture. 

Bottega Veneta is decorated with the brand’s signature ebano logo, brunito cap, and collar. 

It also has a skin-colored leather ribbon clipped with a brunito butterfly. 

Just like the fragrance, the bottle is an object that discloses its complexity only over time.

The makers have truly worked hard to make this perfume a visual treat. 

Is it for you then?

In the ad for the perfume, you can see a model swaddled in something silk and fancy, suggesting that the perfume is for women looking for something luxurious. 

The introspective ad tries to market Bottega Veneta as being rather reserved; this is true to a certain extent but the perfume isn’t completely withdrawn. 

It is memorable and looks to stand out without being too loud and in your face.

I think this perfume is perfect for fall or winter. 

I also think it would be appropriate for the office. 

Its boldness and variety should make you feel both seductive and intellectual. 

I don’t think this perfume is particularly suitable for teenagers and young women. 

If you are looking for something that is immensely wearable and yet is still chic in a soft way, you should go for this perfume. 

Although Bottega Veneta is marketed as a feminine fragrance, it can be worn by both sexes. 

What about its lasting power?

Bottega Veneta’s sillage isn’t anything special. 

Thankfully, its lasting power can be deemed legendary. 

The perfume can last 8-12 hours, depending on skin type. 

The longevity is fantastic even on your clothes.  

However, you should give it a bit of time to open up; it won’t yield all of its glory at first spray.


  • Available as a decant 
  • Attractive packaging
  • Stands out without being too loud
  • Fantastic longevity


  • Expensive
  • Moderate sillage
  • Scent isn’t overpowering
  • Not suitable for teenagers

My Verdict

It is rather regrettable that Bottega Veneta costs as much as it does. 

If the price point was a bit more affordable, this luxury perfume would be up there with the best. 

However, if money isn’t an issue, it is still worth the investment.

Bottega Veneta is not for teenagers and younger women. 

For older women, they can wear it during cold evenings and rainy days. 

The perfume is appropriate for any occasion, from formal settings to intimate moments, and is great for both the indoors and outdoors. 

Overall, Bottega Veneta is versatile, peculiar, elegant, and memorable. 

It is definitely worth a try or even a blind purchase.