CK One vs CK Be Review: Which One is Better?

In the CK One vs CK Be comparison in 2020, we are going to take a look at the two unisex perfumes of the 1990s that have been created of one of the most popular brands in the world – Calvin Klein.

These fragrances are one of the most popular ones in the world and they are still one of the best-selling perfumes till now. 

Many people are wondering which one is better?

Which one has the better scent?

Does the CK One last longer than CK Be?

To find out all the answers to the questions about these two perfumes, please continue to read this comparison. 

Review Summary: Ck One vs CK Be

It is true, that if you have never tried any of the perfume from the Calvin Klein brand, then choosing between the CK One and CK Be can be quite difficult.

The brand is manufacturing only high-quality products, so both of these fragrances, just like any other CK perfume, will not let you down with the quality. 

The CK Be and CK One perfumes can be bought at the quite reasonable price and allows you to wear them as much as you want without any fear that you will need to buy another bottle. Both of these perfumes are great but at the same time, they are very different from each other. 

Ck One vs CK Be – A Quick Look

Calvin Klein One Fragrance 

When we are talking about the CK One, this perfume is really versatile and flexible, making it suitable to wear for men and women and also, you can wear it at any time of the day. 

Two bodies, two minds, and two souls blend in with Calvin Klein CK One perfume for men and women in the aroma of heat and passion. It is one of the best unisex perfumes. 

The fashion-forward Calvin Klein CK One perfume for men and women is a symbol of the 90s culture.

This perfume introduced a new sense of commonality, duality and, in particular, the modern lifestyle of the youth of the 1990s. Created by Calvin Klein, they were inspired by the lifestyle of his daughter and her friends.

The fragrance has a scent of bergamot and fruity floral, enhanced by fruity (pineapple), fresh spice (cardamom) and a subtle but sustainable scent of musk and ambergris.

Top notes: bergamot, lemon, cardamom, pineapple, papaya

Middle notes: nutmeg, violet, iris, jasmine, lily of the valley, roses

Main notes: sandalwood, ambergris, musk, cedars, elk

  • A unisex and very versatile perfume
  • Fully suitable to use for everyday 
  • Might not suit every type of personality 
  • Doesn’t have a specific note that would be suitable just for him or her

Calvin Klein Be Fragrance 

In the meantime, the Calvin Klein Be fragrance has been created keeping in mind that you need to be yourself.

A silky, sexy and very unique fragrance. Also, you can wear this fragrance at any time of the day, it can be a great perfume in the cold or hot weather. 

Calvin Klein Be is a refreshing oriental and woody fragrance.

At first, the fresh scent of bergamot, mandarin, juniper, lavender, peppermint, and greens spreads.

It is then surrounded by the aromas of jasmine, orchid, freesia, and magnolia, and a barely perceptible breath of peach. Finally, cedar, ambergris, musk, sandalwood, and vanilla all over.

Top notes: musk, bergamot, juniper berries, tangerines

Middle notes: magnolia, spices, peaches

Main notes: white musk, sandals

  • Might be too strong for the younger audience, because of the oriental and woody scents 

Side-By-Side Comparison 

 Calvin Klein OneCalvin Klein Be
ImpressionsLightweight, a clean and rejuvenating smell which is suitable to wear every day. A unique, distinctive and sexy scent which is suitable for mature women and men and reminds them of the feeling of being yourself
Smell Citrus and fruity-floral smell Woody, oriental strong scent
TypeEau De Toilette Eau De Toilette
Release dateReleased in 1994Released in 1996

With this small table-type comparison of these two great Calvin Klein fragrances for men and women, you can see that the Calvin Klein One is more fruity and floral-scented perfume, which is more suitable for a younger audience and can be worn in the summer. Also, it is not too lightweight for wintertime. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for a stronger and deeper oriental and woody scent which is more suitable for mature men and women, the Calvin Klein Be will be most suitable.

This fragrance has stronger notes and is more intense than the Calvin Klein One.

It still can be worn at any time of the day, but it might be too heavy for a hot summer day. 


Well, both of these unisex fragrances have a big advantage – they are high-quality and long-lasting perfumes for him and her.

Calvin Klein One and Calvin Klein Be are one of the most popular fragrances from this brand. They are made to be unique and versatile perfumes that could be wearable daily. 

However, they are very different from each other.

The CK One is fruity and floral-scented perfume, which is suitable for a younger audience and can be worn in the summer 100%.

This perfume is lightweight but long-lasting. Also, you can wear this fragrance in the winter season and it would spread different scent in the cold weather. 

If you are looking for a stronger and suitable for a mature audience, the Calvin Klein Be is fully suitable.

Long-lasting and strong perfume can be still worn in the summer, but in very hot weather it might be too heavy. 

To decide which one is better, we would say that Calvin Klein One is better, as it is lightweight and floral-scented, the perfume can be worn in the summer and in the winter. Also, it is suitable for a young and mature audience. the CK Be might be too strong for younger people.