Gucci Bamboo Review: Is It Worth It?

Many of us burn a huge hole in our pocket to lure our acquaintances through the sense of smell. 

According to science, we do this for a good reason too. 

Reliable scientific reports have determined that human attraction is a result of chemical messengers called pheromones

These chemicals are responsible for the development of everything we find attractive. 

Now, one of the many avenues through which we can detect these chemical messengers is through the sense of smell. 

Hence, we are strongly inclined to smell good. 

Research also indicates that scents can even change how other people see us.

Gucci Bamboo Review – All You Need to Know:

Today, I will be reviewing one of the most famous perfumes from the Gucci line, the Gucci Bamboo. 

Gucci released their first fragrance, Gucci No.1 For Women, to worldwide acclaim back in 1974. Fast forward to the present and the brand has over 80 fragrances in its catalog. 

People all over the world are truly enamored by all things Gucci.

Without further ado, let’s check to see if this particular Gucci perfume suits you. 

What is Gucci Bamboo?

Inspired by Gucci’s Bamboo line that includes everything from bags to various accessories, Gucci Bamboo was first released in 2015. 

The creators behind Gucci Bamboo claim that the perfume captures the femininity, confidence, and strong personality of the modern woman. 

The perfume contains top notes of orange blossom and bergamot, heart notes of ylang-ylang and Casablanca lily, and base notes of sandalwood. 

In a nutshell, it is basically an impeccable blend of exotic florals with deep woody notes. 

What does Gucci Bamboo smell like?

Gucci Bamboo boasts a woody Oriental scent that isn’t too intense. 

It is more on the calm and timid side—I would describe it as a personal intimate scent that has a sophisticated appeal to it. 

If you are looking for a perfume that screams and shouts, then this perfume isn’t going to strike your fancy. 

Gucci Bamboo is soft and rather wispy, with the slightest creamy touch. 

It tends to give you an underlying scent produced by the white floral family, but it can be easily ignored as it is light and soft. 

Upon first sniffs, you can smell lily. 

After it settles on the skin though, the smell is all but gone. 

As for the base, it is a pale sweetish musk and it is neither as woody nor as warm as I’d expected. 

Who is it perfect for?

Gucci Bamboo is targeted to the modern woman who wants to showcase her diverse sides: her confidence, femininity, savvy, and strength. 

It was a perfume created to represent the essence of a woman. 

However, since the scent is quite neutral, people of all ages and sexes can wear this Gucci perfume.

I believe that Gucci Bamboo would be excellent as a bridal scent as it is simple and fresh. 

It would make a great springtime and daytime scent too. 

However, it is also versatile enough to be worn in summer and fall. 

You can easily wear this perfume to the office as well. 

Regrettably, it might not be appropriate for the evening. 

Note that if you are looking for a perfume with an overpowering scent, then Gucci Bamboo wouldn’t be ideal for you. 

What about the packaging?

With a bottle that showcases the melding of delicate sensibility with strong lines, Gucci Bamboo is truly a visual treat. 

The diamond-shaped bottle does well to match the inspiration of the scent and the feminine cap should be appealing to women of all ages. 

The sleek cap, in polished silver metal, goes well with the soft pink shade of the Gucci Bamboo perfume bottle. 

Shiny silver G’s representing the brand distinctly frame the packaging box that reprises the colors of the bottle. 

What about its lasting power?

Gucci Bamboo doesn’t do anything special in this department. 

Like other perfumes on the market, the lasting power of this perfume is reasonable but not quite good enough. 

Gucci Bamboo sits awfully close to the skin only after a couple of hours and you will have to reapply a few times during the day. 

It can easily be mistaken as an eau de toilette instead of an eau de parfum. 


  • Available as a perfume and travel spray
  • Visually appealing packaging
  • Light, airy, fresh smell


  • Lasting power isn’t good
  • The scent isn’t overpowering

My Verdict

Gucci Bamboo doesn’t smell like bamboo but it does remind you of a rainforest where bamboo grows. 

The perfume is light, airy, and features woody notes. 

It smells like a tropical rainforest after the rain.

Gucci Bamboo is also an inoffensive perfume, featuring a neutral fragrance that isn’t overly floral, sweet, spicy, aromatic, or fruity. 

However, you will smell a hint of citrus. 

Unfortunately, this Gucci perfume isn’t particularly great at lasting a long time. 

Since it is light, you might be required to reapply a couple of times throughout the day or night.   

Overall, Gucci Bamboo is unlike the other heavily scented perfumes from the Gucci line. 

To give you an idea, I rate it less fun than Gucci Flora and much less distinctive than Gucci Premiere or Gucci by Gucci. 

Regrettably, like all Gucci products, this perfume is more on the expensive side.