How to Get Free Cologne Samples

This is going to come in really handy for all your perfume enthusiasts. For some, the use of various scents is what makes them really happy as they step out.  A restriction to this want, however, is mostly finances. So you see people craving different fragrances from different designers but cannot afford them and it is always a bummer.

Worry no more as I will reveal to you in this article how you can get cologne samples for free, and have the luxury of different scents for each occasion. What better deal is there than to stand out in your classy fragrance which costs you nothing?

which costs you nothing?

Before making a purchase of any fragrance, it is often better to try it out and be sure you love it before payment. This is impossible if you are buying online, and shops and supermarkets do not allow the spray of perfumes also. So how then can you try out a fragrance and be sure it is what you want, without having to spend money on a purchase? 

7 Ways to Get Free Cologne Samples

It is with the use of free samples and in this article, we will share with you, the ways in which you can get free cologne samples.

1. Work as a Tester for Products

Before the launch of a product into the market, manufacturers usually hire people to test the products for them and give their honest reviews. These testers are the ones who help manufacturers know where they need improvements to make them stand out from what already exists in the market.

As a tester for colognes, the companies are very willing to send you samples for free so that you can try them out.

2. Subscribe To the Magazine “All You”

Some very popular magazines offer a lot of freebies every once in a while. The freebies range from food to household products and beauty products also. An example of such a magazine is “All You”.

You provide freebies daily and while the freebies are not always perfumes, they do give out free bottles of perfumes once in a while. So if you want free stuff ranging from household products, beauty products, and colognes, you should subscribe to their newsletter so that you get notified on any free stuff they will be giving out.

3. Check Out Ulta Company Website

You must have heard of Ulta. It is a website that deals with the sales of products from makeup, skincare, and colognes too. The perk of shopping from Ulta is that they let you add free stuff from any of their products at checkout. So this way you can get a free sample of cologne, skincare product or makeup at checkout. This is an opportunity to get a free sample out of their available products that category. 

Another way you can benefit from Ulta is by signing up for their mailing list and asking for a free copy of their catalog. A catalog will be delivered every once a month and it comes with a free perfume sample attached to it.

4. Sephora Gives You Free Samples

Sephora is a company that deals with both fragrances and beauty products. Whether you are surfing the net or you want to visit their store building, you can get a free sample of any of their fragrances.

If you are online, Sephora can let you have as many as three free cologne samples. All you have to do is pick from the category of free samples and add them to your order. You will have to enter all your necessary information but won’t be charged for the free samples. Sephora does not only offer free perfume samples but also deals with other beauty products too.

In their physical shop, the attendants there are nice and will offer you a free sample of cologne. This is not always the case though as it depends on your approach. Be friendly and show that you are genuinely interested in trying out the scent to enable you to make your choice. If they think you are just there for the free stuff, they might not let you have any.

5. Sign Up On The Mailing List of Perfume Companies

Signing up on the mailing lists of perfume companies is one way to always get updated when a new product is to be released. They offer free samples to those on their mailing lists and by signing up, you rest assured that when they send out samples, you will have yours delivered to you.

What you have to do is to decide on the perfume company you love and would want to get free samples from and sign up for their mailing list. Free samples are definitely not going to be enough for everyone, so you have to keep checking to know when it will be available, and accept the shipping. 

6. Contact Customer Service

Instead of waiting for emails announcing the availability of new fragrances and free samples, you could contact customer service directly and ask them for free samples if any. You have to be polite and do not ask with greedy intentions. If they are available, the customer service agents will let you know. 

Note also that it is not certain that you will get free cologne samples when you contact customer service, so don’t be offended if you do not get any.

7. Check out Product Review Websites

Websites like amazon which sell products have a section for product reviews. These reviews are what helps the brand have a good name and sell more, or crash. In order to make their name popular through positive reviews, some brands will offer you free samples and even go further to give you a full bottle for free. 

You do not have to be a professional to do this. Some brands just need anyone that is willing and you can make yourself available and grab this opportunity.


Getting free cologne samples isn’t always straightforward easy, but it is definitely worth trying. Apart from the fact that it offers you an opportunity to smell great without having to pay for it, you get to truly test perfume and know firsthand if you like it before making any purchase.

With these tips, getting free samples every now and then won’t be a problem as at least one out of all seven will always work for you.