How to Apply Perfume? (Your Complete Guide)

You may think that the hard parts of preparing to go out only involve picking out what to wear and putting your clothes on. 

No one gives much thought to the art of wearing perfume as it seems to be all about a spritz here and there. 

If you are one of those with this mentality, you are on the wrong track and I dare say you have been wasting your perfumes all along. 

Though you may still get compliments when you step out, the sad truth is that even the best perfumes do not get to reach their full potential if you do not apply them correctly. 

That is why I am giving you this guide on how to apply perfume correctly and get the most of any fragrance.

Over the years, different methods have emerged, such as applying perfume on the wrists and rubbing the wrists together or spraying in the air and walking through it. 

While these practices may look fancy, they are not right and you end up using more to achieve the desired result. With this guide on how to apply perfume, you can make a perfume stay longer on you, so you get to enjoy your favorite fragrance or signature scent throughout the day.

Before You Apply Your Perfume

1. Choose a Perfume for Day or Night

There are different types of perfumes and your choice of a daytime or nighttime scent depends on where you are going. Aside from eau de toilette or eau de parfum, there are also nighttime and daytime perfumes.

If you are going to work or to any casual outing, you should choose a daytime fragrance. 

However, if you intend to go out for a night outing or a dinner date, a nighttime fragrance is preferable. 

Nighttime Perfumes

Nighttime perfumes are sprayed on the neck area so you can have an immediate effect on those around you. 

They do not last for long but you can improve their longevity by applying moisturizer before spraying.

Daytime Perfumes

When it’s about which perfume last longer, the answer is daytime perfumes.

Daytime perfumes last longer and are generally sprayed on the hips or knees. This is due to the fact that the scent rises as the day goes by. 

Just like with nighttime perfumes, you can improve its longevity by using a moisturizer.

2. Prepare Your Skin

Perfumes are better absorbed by warm skin, so before you wear your fragrance, bathe with heated water to open up your pores. 

Use an unscented body wash or soap as its interference with the scent of your perfume could be unpleasant.

After taking your shower, apply moisturizer on your skin because perfumes get locked in better on moist skin than on dry skin. You can also use body lotion or petroleum jelly. 

Apply adequate moisturizer to your pulse points because these are the spots on which you will apply perfume. 

Dry your skin properly before you apply perfume to make sure that the fragrance stays on you for long.

3. Wear Your Perfume before Dressing Up

Apart from the fact that spraying directly on your clothes leaves stains, you can make a perfume work best and last longer when you spray directly on the skin. 

Hence, apply perfume before dressing up and apply them to your pulse points specifically.

How to Wear Your Perfume

1. Spray from a Distance

The idea is to spray on your skin without getting it wet. 

If you make your skin wet as you spray, pull back a bit because you are spraying too close. 

You should try to spray the fragrance from at least 5 to 7 inches away from your skin.

2. Spray on Pulse Points

Pulse points are areas where the blood vessels are closest to the skin. 

They have higher temperatures and the heat causes the natural oils in the fragrance to rise in the air and be smelled more. 

These spots include the sides of the neck, behind the ears, wrists, inner elbows, back of knees, and collarbones. 

Avoid forming a mist of fragrance and then walking right through it. It is not only wasteful but also very ineffective. 

Apply directly to pulse points instead for the best performance.

3. Do Not Rub

After you apply perfume, it is best you allow it to dry naturally. Don’t rub your wrists together.

Rubbing it in breaks down the top notes of the fragrance and reduces its performance. 

Wait for at least 10 minutes after applying your perfume before you wear your clothes to avoid getting stained. An eau de parfum and eau de toilette often have oils that can leave stains on fabrics.

4. A Little Is Enough

A mistake almost everyone does or has at least made in the past is wanting to smell your perfume on yourself at all times. 

After a while, your nose gets used to the scent of the perfume and will adapt so you may stop smelling it. 

This lack of smell is tempting and makes you apply so much. 

When it comes to perfumes, applying too much can also cause allergic reactions and headaches to yourself and those around you, especially if the fragrance is too strong.

The aim is to smell good, not overwhelm the space around you because that is bound to be a turnoff.

5. Apply Some on Your Hair

Your hair fibers are great at keeping fragrances and together with the hair products you apply, they will improve the longevity of your perfume

Apply some perfume on your hairbrush and comb your hair with it, but do not put too much to avoid drying out your hair.

Getting the Most Out of Your Perfume

1. Reapply After a While

Even the strongest perfumes wear off after some time. 

If you spend a long time out, then you may need to reapply your perfume if your scent isn’t as strong as you wish anymore. This is especially true if your fragrance isn’t a perfume that last long.

You can ask a friend if they think you need more because your nose can’t be trusted.

2. Use Alcohol Wipes

If you feel you have applied too much perfume, use alcohol wipes to wash the area off. 

Then reapply after a while but do it moderately this time—you do not want to choke everyone when you walk in.

3. Small Packages are Key

Just like everything else, perfumes have an expiry date and a fragrance’s quality diminishes with time. 

Opening a perfume and storing it allows oxygen to break down the scent slowly. 

If you purchase a big bottle, try decanting into smaller bottles and store them away in the fridge. 

Keeping your perfume exposed to the environment for too long reduces its scent quality.

4. Store Properly

Heat and light alter the chemical composition of your perfume, changing a perfume’s scent into something rather unpleasant. 

Take note that the best place to store your perfume is in the refrigerator.


These are the best pratices when it comes to how to apply perfume. Following these steps will allow you to get the most out of your perfume and smell good all day. 

Knowing how to wear perfume can be the difference between smelling good and smelling good throughout the day. Something as simple as moisturizing your skin can make a fragrance cling on you longer.

It also helps if you know which perfume lasts longer so you can buy it the next time you go out shopping for a fragrance. A perfume that last longer than most has a scent that is bound to be easy to drag on with these tips.

Now that you know how to properly preserve your perfume to maintain its fragrance quality, you are sure to get good performance the next time you apply it and thus reap great reactions from your peers at all times.