How to Make a Perfume Last Longer? [12 TIPS]

Ever wondered why your perfume doesn’t seem to last as long as is stated in reviews? 

Or as long as your friend’s perfume lasts? 

Everybody expects their fragrance to last on them all day and even though the strength of the perfume plays a major role in longevity, the way you apply it also greatly affects how long it lasts. 

Most people feel it ends in spraying so much. 

That’s wrong and in this article, I will let you in on the right ways to make a perfume last long. 

These 12 hacks are sure to help you apply your perfume properly so you can smell good all day.

Top 12 Hacks to Make Your Perfume Last Longer

1. Spray on Your Skin Right after Shower

The first step to ensuring your fragrance lasts as long as it should is to begin the right way. 

Perfumes last longer on the skin if applied when your pores are open. 

Taking a warm bath opens up your pores so after a shower is the perfect time to apply it. 

Be sure that you dry your skin properly though because application on wet skin prevents your perfume from reaching its full potential.

2. Do Not Apply on Dry Skin

After you towel your skin dry, there is one more thing you need to do before you use your perfume—moisturize.

Applying a moisturizer to make your skin moist and smooth will lock in the fragrance better and make it last longer. 

Use a body lotion or Vaseline and then apply your perfume for better performance. 

Preparation is key and you have to do it right from the start. 

3. Apply on Bare Skin Directly

It is best to apply your perfume before dressing up. 

This will not only save you the discomfort of having stains on your clothes but will also allow the perfume to mix properly with the oil on your skin. 

This mix allows perfumes to last longer and smell better on you. 

Do not mist as it will only lead to waste. 

Instead, spray directly on your skin.

4. Apply on Pulse Points

Perfumes do well when applied to a mild source of heat. 

So, the hack here is to apply your perfume to parts of your body that will heat up during the day. 

Pulse points are parts where the blood vessels are close to the skin surface and they are found on your wrists, the inside of your elbows, nape of your neck, beneath your midriff, behind your knees, and behind your ears.

5. Moisturize Pulse Points with a Bit of Vaseline First

If you desire to drag the scent of your perfume on for a little longer, apply a little Vaseline to your pulse points before dabbing or spraying your perfume there. 

Vaseline will lock in your scent better and cause it to linger for much longer.

6. Don’t Rub It In, Let It Dry

It is not uncommon to see people apply their perfume and then rub it in. 

You will mostly see people rubbing their wrists together after using perfume. 

It is completely wrong and you will end up getting almost nothing out of your perfume. 

Rubbing it in breaks down the chemicals and makes the top notes of even the best perfumes dissolve faster. 

The best practice is to dab the perfume on your skin, or spray and allow it to dry naturally. 

If you are scared that it will stain your clothes, just wait for a few minutes before dressing up.

7. Apply on Your Hair

Hair fibers are also very good with fragrance retention. 

As tempting as it may seem though, do not spray directly on your hair. 

Perfumes contain alcohol and alcohol dries the hair out and damages it. 

Instead, apply to your hairbrush and brush your hair with it. 

The hairbrush allows you get enough perfume to your hair but not too much to damage it.

8. Use Other Products of Matching Scents

Another approach to maximize the scent of your perfume is to use other products from the brand that have matching scents. 

Use lotions and body washes together with your perfume. 

The overall scent will be a synergy of all the products and will give you better longevity.

9. Spray Perfume on Cotton Balls and Take Them Out with You

To keep your scent strong and have you enveloped in that alluring scent all day, you could make a retouching kit ready to take out with you. 

Just spray on your cotton balls and place them in an airtight bag while wet. 

The absence of air in the bag should keep them wet until you are ready to use them later in the day.

10. Store Your Perfume Properly

Most people keep their perfumes in the bathroom together with other beauty products. 

This causes the quality of the perfume to drop because the temperature and humidity in the bathroom are not steady and favorable. 

Over time, the fragrance of your perfume will change and its potency will drop accordingly. 

It is best to store your perfume away from direct sunlight and in a cool place.

11. Keep Your Perfume in Its Original Bottle

Being fancy is one of the reasons problems arise. 

Just like rubbing perfumes in looks fancy but is wrong, so is putting your perfumes in fancy transparent bottles. 

Placing them in other receptacles allows oxygen to come in contact with the perfume and this degrades the fragrance quality over time. 

Always leave your perfumes in their original bottle.

12. Spray on Clothes Too

Your skin isn’t the only place you can spray your perfume. 

Cloth fibers hold scents for days too so you can improve your scent by spraying a little on your clothes. 

However, avoid spraying too close and do not spray on white clothes.


Now you can enjoy long-lasting fragrance on your skin with these simple hacks. 

Just like everything else, wearing perfumes will have the best effect when done right. 

From preparation to application and storage after use, this article has got you covered.

Now that you know the right thing to do, be sure to wear your perfume correctly to make the most out of it and smell good all day long.