Polo Blue vs Polo Black: Which One Is Better?

Ralph Lauren is one of the more iconic names in fashion, overseeing the production of a long line of quality products over the years. In 1978, they began producing their fragrance under the polo line and has since released a host of quality colognes ever since. Standing out amongst the lots has been the Polo Blue and Polo Black cologne. These colognes have managed to win the hearts of its users over the years whilst dividing opinions along the way.

Undoubtedly, both colognes can hold their own against some of the best fragrances on the market and have earned the right to be polo’s most popular fragrance on the men’s catalog. This article, however, will compare both fragrances in a bid to arrive at a final verdict that should reveal the better cologne amongst the two. 

Polo Blue

Released in 2002, Polo Blue is an amazing fragrance that exudes a fresh, airy vibe about it. With its sweet-smelling scents, this cologne has charmed its way into the hearts of many loyal users who simply can’t get enough of its scent. Its clean, fresh smell makes it a great option to wear to an official or casual event. It introduces itself with top notes of cucumber, Mandarin orange and melon before moving to middle notes of geranium, sage, and basil. It settles to base notes of woody notes, suede, and musk. 

Polo Black

Created by the expert hands of Pierre Negrin, Polo Black was released in 2005, and has managed to stay relevant, and remain a favorite of many users in a highly competitive market. Noticeably, Polo Black has a heavy scent that gives it a sharp, bold vibe. Its notes are a fine combination of mango, patchouli, sage, tangerine, tonka bean, tangerine, sandalwood, and wormwood. Polo black introduces itself with a strong fruity scent that gives it a unique smell. 


Polo Blue opens with fruity notes of cucumber and orange, giving off light, aquatic scent. Polo Black posses an equally fruity opening with A mango scent that is accompanied by a spicy profile. The difference between the two fragrances is that Polo Blue’s fruity scent is lighter and considerably sweeter than Polo Black. Polo Black’s opening notes smells more like dried fruit.

Of course, the disparity in their opening does not make much difference. It is more of a game of choice. Certain people will appreciate Polo Black’s brighter opening scent while others will prefer the colder, sweeter smell of Polo Blue.


In terms of projection, there isn’t much to choose between the two. Polo Black and Polo Blue project moderate scents. For some, this might be a letdown, but for others, the moderate projection is adequate. If buying perfume with a strong sillage is your thing, then perhaps you may want to choose the Polo Black which has a slightly heavier projection than the Polo Blue.


If you’re looking for a fragrance that will give you a performance of 12 hours or more, then you may want to look at other colognes, but that is not to say they are in any way inferior in terms of longevity. The Polo Black will give you as much as 6 hours of fresh-smelling goodness while the Polo Blue can give as much as 8 hours. Their longevity should be enough to get you through a full day at work with the Polo Blue giving you slightly more. If longevity is what you’re looking for, then Polo Blue is the cologne you should be looking at.


If you’re going to party all night with friends or have got a dinner date on your calendar, neither of these two may be termed appropriate, but you won’t entirely be out of line to go with either of the two regardless. Polo Black is a great option to wear to the office or a casual event. Its strong smell makes it a terrific choice for career men who are intent on making a big impression at work.

Although the Polo Black is lighter, it is equally a good perfume to wear to work or with any casual wear. Polo Black fits into any climate, unlike Polo Blue that’s a warm-weather cologne. If you’re looking for a cologne that is a perfect fit all year round, Polo Black is certainly what you’re looking for.


Who doesn’t like the idea of smelling nice on a budget? Luckily, you won’t have to break the bank to afford either of these two colognes. Depending on where you’re buying from, both fragrances may cost between 55 to 70 dollars. With this price range, there isn’t much to choose between the two.


The two Polo colognes are equally popular with millions of users worldwide. With Polo Blue being released earlier, it is slightly more popular than Polo Black. 

Final Verdict

Polo Blue is a great fragrance and is a great choice for users who prefer an aquatic scent. Its superior longevity is another big plus with many falling in love with its round the clock performance. However, the Polo Black is, without doubt, the more unique scent. With its strong dry fruity opening, it is the perfect cologne to make a big fashion statement when you desperately need to turn heads and impress a few colleagues at work. Its projection may be moderate, but you can count on its unique scent to make a big entrance when you need to.

Polo Blue smells a bit generic and may not win you a lot of compliments, unlike the Polo Black. It could be argued that Polo Black is the better cologne with its unique smell and versatility, but another user could easily have a different opinion. The truth is, it is all about individual choices. People will love Polo Blue for its light, cold scents and others will prefer Polo Black for its robust and fruity smell.

Either way, there is no doubt about the quality of these two colognes or why they will always be regarded as two of the best fragrance ever produced by Ralph Lauren’s Polo line.