Polo Red Intense vs Extreme: Which One is Better?

Ralph Lauren is a popular name in the fashion industry that is directly associated with refined style and class. The brand launched a fragrance line, Polo, in 1978 with different flankers released over the years, including Polo Sport, Polo Blue, and Polo Crest but there is one flanker that has many noses sniffing earnestly: Polo Red. 

Created in 2013 by the expertise of Olivier Gillotin, Polo Red is a smooth combination of coffee beans and delicious citrus spiced with aromatic undertones. This coffee bean scent seems to be the central theme of the cologne’s flanker collection as its sweet aroma is noticeable in all three colognes. 

The other two flankers in the Polo Red collection is Red Intense and Red Extreme. Like every other flanker collection, the question on everyone’s lips is which is better, Red intense or Red Extreme? 

This article gets up-close and personal with both Ralph Lauren perfumes, comparing their strengths, scents, and overall performance. Read on until you get to the final verdict at the end that reveals a clear winner.

Polo Red Intense

Polo Red Intense is all about the woody fragrance with a spicy profile about it. This cologne was released in 2015 with Polo describing it as being inspired by fast race cars. 

As the name suggests, the intensity in Polo Intense is likened to the adrenaline-pumping intensity generated by race cars. When you wear this perfume, you’re taken on a high-speed drive of intense, sweet-smelling fragrances that will no doubt please your nose and win you a few more admirers. 

Polo Red intense begins with top notes of saffron, lemon, cranberry, and grapefruit all enveloped by the warm aroma of its beating heart of lavender, sage, coffee, and ginger. After a while, it settles down to woody base notes of leather, red cedar, and amber.

Polo Red Extreme

Polo Red Extreme is an Oriental fragrance that’s extremely pleasing and refreshingly clean. Released in 2017 to widespread critical acclaim, Red Extreme exudes the confidence of the ultra-masculine man who pushes limits and breaks boundaries with matchless brute strength and sheer willpower. 

The scent’s rugged masculinity is thanks to its top notes of red pineapple, red ginger, and blood orange. It’s equally intoxicating heart notes are made of red sage, red saffron, and black coffee while its solid base notes include cocoa absolute, ambery woods, and black ebony wood.

Intense vs Extreme – Comparison


Polo Red Intense opens with a noticeable fruity aroma combining lemon and cranberry. This fruity aroma is complemented by notes of wall coffee, saffron, sage, and ginger that are responsible for its spicy profile.  

Polo Red Extreme, meanwhile, opens with tops notes of blood orange, coffee, and a bit of cranberry which is normal in all Polo Red flankers. You’ll no doubt fall in love with the juicy aroma of blood orange in Red Extreme. 

Red Extreme noticeably features a heavier coffee flavor than Red Intense. Take nothing away from Intense though, it still presents a likable fruity scent that works like magic in combination with its spicy profile. 

These two colognes present great openings that are both delights to their users. Many vibes with the fruity fragrance of Red Intense while others prefer the strong coffee tones in Red Extreme.


With a name like Intense and Extreme, a perfume with a strong sillage shouldn’t be too much to ask for. Luckily, they both deliver on this ground. 

Red Extreme and Red Intense feature an impressive projection that is noticeable from a good distance. This is good news for users who enjoy making a big entrance when they step into a room. 

If you do want to keep all eyes on you, then you may need to go for Red Extreme as it has better sillage than Red Intense.

Again, both Polo perfumes deliver impressive longevity. You can wear either of these two whenever you need a sweet refreshing scent to keep you going for the larger part of the day. 

Red Intense offers around 7 to 9 hours of a truly intense performance while Extreme goes extreme once again with 8 to 10 hours of performance. Obviously, there isn’t much difference between the two, which means that the slight edge Extreme has over Intense is still valid and makes it the clear winner if you’re big on longevity.


Intense and Extreme exhibit the same level of versatility. You can wear either to work or to a romantic dinner date if you like. They both do better in a cool temperature and would be better suited for a night out.

Both Polo fragrances perform best during winter and autumn. As far as versatility is concerned, Red Intense and Red Extreme are on par.

Final Verdict

Polo Red Intense is a fantastic perfume marked by a warm, fruity aroma that is intoxicating and should impress any perfume aficionado out there. It presents great versatility, impressive longevity, and a decent sillage–basically enough juice to make you stand out. 

However, Polo Red Extreme always comes out on top whenever a comparison is made. Red Extreme provides a more impressive sillage and offers a few more extra hours of undiluted performance. 

There are users, however, who do not vibe with the blood orange note in Red Extreme’s opening. This is why this comparison boils down on individual choices and personal preferences. 

Some people naturally prefer Red Intense while others choose Red Extreme, but when it comes to the overall better performer, Red Extreme comes out top albeit by a slim margin.