Ralph Lauren Polo Red Vs Polo Blue

Both the Polo Red and Polo Blue are popular fragrances from Ralph Lauren that men are wearing and making statements with. But just like every other thing, the question of which is best comes up and that is the purpose of this review, to guide you towards the choice that is best for you. 

Which of the two smells best? Which of the two Ralph Lauren products lasts longer? Between the two, which of the two is the best purchase? Read on to find out.

Polo Blue Eau De Toilette by Ralph Lauren

The polo blue cologne is one with a great fresh scent. Its notes are amber, cucumber, tangerine, melon, patchouli, moss, geranium and musk. Wearing this scent gives off cool aquatic notes which you will appreciate, and does it also trick you into having the feeling of all things blue? You can wear this on a warm day and also on a cold day as it is a perfect fit for all seasons.

With the first spritz of polo blue, you immediately get hints of cucumber, melon and citrus scent. The herbal scent in the background gives it more spicy notes. 

So what you have is an opening of cucumber, and then melon too. Although it could be sometimes difficult to distinguish between the two. The herbal notes then stick out in the dry down and a musk note which is powerful and domineering takes over.

The smooth transformation of the notes is very attractive, and the linear fragrance of the dry down is an outstanding feature. From a clean and crisp fragrance, the notes transform into something warm and sensual. Though it has fruit notes, it is far from feminine and has sexy masculinity about it.

The projection of Polo Blue is fairly moderate. It is not a cologne that will choke you and everyone around you with just a few sprays. However, this in no way implies that this cologne is a weak one as it has good longevity and can last you all day.

It is most appropriate for use during spring/summer, but can also be used appropriately during other seasons all year round. Its scent is fresh and not extreme and so you can wear it to work comfortably.

Polo Red by Ralph Lauren

Polo Red is a great cologne for men with notes of cranberry, grapefruit, saffron, sage, Italian lemon, Amber and also coffee beans. This is a fragrance that can be described as sweet, warm and spicy.

Its fruit notes are in no way feminine or girly as you may be pondering, but the fruit notes produce an appealing fragrance that exudes sensual masculinity. The scent from this bottle is an energetic one that is refreshing and warm which gives you off as classy and appeals to the ladies.

The first scents that pop out are a mixture of citrus and cranberry scents. The citrus part here is given by the Italian lemon note together with some grapefruit. The main scent here though between the two is that of cranberry, as it is strong and lingers. So for you to be able to love and appreciate this cologne, you must love cranberry note.

In the background of the fruity notes of Italian lemon, grapefruit and cranberry lie amber. Amber is a sort of warm cloud that envelops the fruity sweetness of the scent. The sharpness and edgy opening is taken off after a few minutes and is replaced by the amber note.

The Italian lemon note in this cologne gives it a unique scent unlike any other in the market. Its only comparison would be the Versace Eros. 

Although some notes are listed as part of the cologne, the scents are hard to notice like that of coffee beans. Saffron and sage are both present, although saffron is more dominant in the air. So basically the notes that you will really get are those of cranberry, citrus, sweetness and warmth, spice and wood.

In terms of projection, the polo red has a bit of an intense beginning which then settles after a while into something moderate and subtle. Due to the reduction in intensity after a while, some users have said that its longevity is a bit of a problem for them, but this can be taken care of by applying more.

Polo Blue Vs Polo Red: Comparison

These two have some similarities and uniqueness between them. Read on to find out the best features of each so you can make your choice between the two according to what works best for you.


The opening of both scents is the direct opposite of each other. While the blue opens with cool air, the red open warm. Both colognes have great smells as they open so it is a choice if what you prefer rather than a question of which is best between them.


Both colognes project moderately onto the immediate environment, so you have something that doesn’t overwhelm the space and cause headaches and allergies to you and others. Polo red, however, needs more application to be able to give you that good performance that you desire. So in terms of projection, polo blue is better.


Polo blue has good longevity and is capable of staying on you for a whole day and in most cases without the need to reapply during the day. Polo red, however, have an issue with longevity, which is understandable as it goes from an intense opening to a subtle one.

To get good longevity from polo red, more would have to be applied so polo blue is a better option in terms of longevity also.


Both perfumes can be used for every occasion and every season. No matter the style you choose to go with, or occasion you are going for, or season you are, both are perfect accompaniments.

Good Scent

Both colognes have their own notes and unique scents. While the red is unique, the blue smells more generic but there is no one scent that can be said to be better than the other. It all depends on you.


Both Polo products by Ralph Lauren are great in their own ways. There is no one product that appeals to everyone equally,  therefore, depending on what you are looking for in a cologne, you should go for the one that most suits you. 

No matter your age or preferences, or the use for which they are intended, these colognes have got your back enthused with this reviews, you will have the required knowledge that is needed to make an informed purchase.