Why Is Creed Cologne So Expensive?

Creed fragrances are very popular and well known by both the male and female folk.

This is because of the greatness in each bottle.

Their scents are of very high quality which gives them the magnetic feature that draws all men to them, but at what price?

They are one of the most expensive perfumes and it makes one wonder if they are actually worth the high price.

The scent is actually really good and the price must also be a fair equivalent to the value that is gotten from each spritz, or else they would be very little or no sales of creed colognes. 

What Is Special About Creed Fragrances That Makes It So Expensive?

The way in which Creed goes about the making of its fragrances is superb and assures you of the best quality.

Creed uses little of machinery and goes about its production processes mostly by hand.

They also mix the ingredients manually.

Maceration takes place to extract the oils in the production of fragrances, done manually.

Manual Production Process

Human power and skills are a great part of the company and this is so because of Creed values and seeks to maintain the traditional method of producing perfumes.

Since its creation in 1760, the traditional way of production has been maintained and still is up to this day.

After the weighing and mixing of the ingredients, they go through an infusion process.

Creed has its own unique infusion process and here is the phase where the magic of fragrance creation takes place.

Each scent from Creed is not just by accident but has a solid inspiration behind it.

That is why the scents are very unique and great because they are not just products of trials that seek to please the public but are fragrances that are borne from the soul and provoke a certain feeling in you.

High-Quality Ingredients

Apart from the fact that creed fragrances are borne from inspirations, and that their infusion processes are unique and produce the best scents, the ingredients are of the highest quality.

Creed takes no chances in its fragrances as it sets out to give you the very best always without making any compromise.

Due to the high-quality ingredients, the price of the final products will, of course, be higher than the regular cologne you can get in the market.

When you make comparisons between both products, the difference is always clear.

So basically, what makes Creed stand out is the quality of materials they use to ensure that you have no complaints, but get the most out of your purchase.

The production cost is also expensive as everything is it is not an automated process.

And to crown it all up, the infusion process is unique and responsible for the very great scents you smell that keeps Creed customers coming back.

Each ingredient and scent has a story behind it.

It is borne out of inspiration and seeks to create a lasting effect on you.

So bear in mind that the scents you purchase are not just mere scents but skilfully crafted.

Is The High Cost Of Purchase Really Worth It?

To some, a purchase of a great cologne that costs $400 is totally worth it, but to another, why go for something that expensive when there are cheaper alternatives in the market.

So before you make up your mind on purchasing creed colognes, ask yourself the main reason for wanting to part away with that much money.

Is it because of the name or you really appreciate making use of good stuff?

Is it because you do not know of any cheaper alternatives that are good too?

Creed has made a name for itself not by producing low quality and regular fragrances, but by making available great fragrances that speak of high class and refined taste.

So when it comes to quality, the high cost of Creed cologne is totally worth it.

Tips on How to Get Good Quality Creed for Less Price

Not being able to afford a bottle of Creed doesn’t mean you have to wear a fragrance that is anything less than great.

Luckily for you, there are other ways you can purchase creed fragrances of your choice for less so that you still smell great and stay within the limits of your budget. 

Buying fragrance decants is a great way to smell chic and still be within the limits of your budget.

A fragrance decant is a small bottle that is filled up with an original perfume and is a way of retailing the perfumes to those who cannot afford the full bottle.

The Creed Company does not sell it but by other retail companies and individuals. 

The sizes of fragrance decants are usually from 3ml to 30ml.

it is advisable though to purchase the bigger bottles rather than the smaller ones because the larger the bottle, the cheaper the price would be.

The fragrance decants can be purchased online or at perfume shops and its use is a great way of saving a whole lot while still smelling unique and elegant.

Good Alternatives for Some Popular Creed Fragrances

The cheaper options of wearing creed scents are still pretty expensive as compared to products of other brands.

So this will come in handy if you can’t afford the fragrance decants but still desire to rock great scents.

Best Alternative for Creed Aventus

Creed Aventus is probably the most popular scent of creed in the market.

The best alternative for it is Armaf Club De Nuit Intense Man.

Best Alternative for Creed Green Irish Tweed

This is a scent from Creed that has been around for a long time now and has not failed to give that unique and exotic fragrance.

Its best alternative would be Armaf Tres Nuit.

Best Alternative for Creed Original Santal

Creed Original Santal is a fragrance with spicy woody notes.

It is best suited for cold days because of the warmth it gives off and a great alternative for it would be Montblanc Individuel.


Creed colognes are of great quality and do not fail to set you apart in a crowd.

They are worth the high prices and it is great to know that you do not have to bore a hole in your pocket to smell great.

You can make use of fragrance decanters or these alternatives which I have shared with you.