About GoToFragrance.com

GoToFragrance.com is your one-stop site for all fragrance product reviews, and a place to help you to pick the right perfume to wear to different occasions or at a particular time of the year. 

Meet Our Fragrance Experts

Emma Luke – Founder of Go To Fragrance

Emma started her fragrance journey trying to buy cologne for her husband.

She believes that perfumes represent much more than many people make them out to be. 

Through her frustration, she started GoToFragrance.com to share what she learned to help other people save time and money on their own fragrance collection.

Fragrances become her passion and she has been working with perfumes and colognes for 7+ years. She’s worked at retail shops learning all the insider secrets about perfumes and colognes.

What GoToFragrance.com Is All About

I love good smelling perfumes. I always have, they make me grow weak in the knees. 

Over the years, I have experimented with a plethora of sweet-smelling fragrances, and I have grown quite familiar with many scents. I’m that kind of person who could guess what type of cologne or perfume half the people in the room are wearing. 

Over the years, I have helped a number of friends make the right fragrance choice for daily use or on special occasions.

With my passion for colognes and helping people look their best, I decided to set up this website to help others, like my friends, who are not quite sure about the kind of perfume they need to buy or which low-budget perfumes smell like high-end luxury fragrances..

Many of us can sense the presence of loved ones immediately once we smell their perfume. More than just an act of smelling good, perfume is a mark of identity. 

Some colognes smell masculine, others smell feminine. Some smell cheap while others smell expensive, and some smell old while others smell young. 

It’s powerful, isn’t it? How people can tell your social status and fashion preferences by just the smell of your fragrance? 

This is simply a testament to how important perfumes are in our daily lives.

Smell is one of the five senses we use to perceive things and people around us. While we can’t exactly sense danger like dogs, we can perceive a potentially delicious meal or a badly burnt food. 

Even before we meet people and get to know them on a personal level, their scent is the first thing we’re likely to notice alongside their looks. You’ll agree with me that no one likes to stay in an environment that stinks and trust me, humans can stink too.

Why do we wear perfumes though? Is it to hide the stench of a body odor? To keep away the not so pleasing smell of sweaty body or simply to impress others? 

Whatever your answer may be, the most important thing is that perfumes are perfect for any of these purposes. 

How GoToFragrance.com Can Help You

In all those years of experimenting with various scents, I could have used a few decent advice on the right perfume to wear to different occasions or at a particular time of the year. 

Imagine wearing a winter cologne on a hot summer day and within a short while, the cologne is reduced to a body scent? That’s the kind of crap you get for wearing the right cologne at the wrong time of the year! 

On this website, you’ll find all kinds of perfume choices suitable for any occasion. You’ll see also see reviews and comparisons of some of the most popular fragrances on the market. 

Whether you’re looking for the right perfume to buy for that special person, or you want to know which cologne will give you the extra bit of confidence or romantic charm you so desire, this website is your one-stop shop for everything about fragrance.